Sweetie bot project at Ponirebrik 2017

Ponirebrik (Пониребрик) is another big pony convention held in Saint Petersburg. It’s a great holiday for all pony fans around. It’s two days full of smiles, music and excellent stage performance. We could not miss it.

More photos here.

Same as before we create a entertaining booth full of electronic projects made by bronies and for bronies. Floppy music, sound synthesizer, 250kHz radio transmitter, the program that generates animation on the oscilloscope screen and many other interesting things.

More photos here.

Sweetie loves to be there. At her first convention she was very shy, because she has never seen so many people before. At her second convention she was much more relaxed. She performed much more complex behavior this time and she liked meeting new people and talking to them.

Also something strange happened to her there. Suddenly she went wild after Discord had used his magic on her. Her eyes turned red and she started to talk something about blasters and destroying everything.

Even our programming magic can’t turn her back. Thanks Celestia, his magic did not last long. She came to normal after a while.