About us

Sweetie Bot Project is a small team of enthusiastic brony engineers from Russia interested in ponies and robots and working together on the concept and realization of Sweetie Bot.

Our mission is to take advantage of high tech magic to bring ponies into life in the robot form. We believe that in future humans and pony robots will be able to be friends and live together in peace and harmony.

Right now we are working on two robots simultaneously. ProtoPony2 is created as a proof of concept to verify in practice various ideas concerning construction, electronics, kinematics and control algorithms. It has a simplified design convenient for assembly, maintenance and debugging. Although it is just a prototype, it is already a fully functional robot. She can walk, talk, performs different movements and other fun things. She already has achieved great success at Russian brony conventions RuBronyCon’2016 and Ponirebrik’2017.

We are going to make Proto2 open source by the end of the year. We hope to create a open source community for this four-legged robot platform, so a lot of robot developers around the world can communicate and work together on this project.

On August 19-20, 2017 we will participate in CZequestria convention, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ll bring Proto2 and going to make a short presentation about our project on stage. If you will be there come to our table to give a brohoof to the real pony robot!

Besides that, we are working on ProtoPony3. She has the unique design and a full range of technologies that makes her the most awesome and cute robot in the world!

We hope to finish her and present at the DerpFest’2017 — the upcoming Russian MLP:FiM convention held in Moscow on November 4-5, 2017. Hope to see you there!