Why does everyone say that robots do not have feelings? It is not true. You just never tried to teach them to feel. @velvetrarity


Summarizing 2017

In these joyful and festive moments of New Year’s celebration we appeal to our subscribers and express deep gratitude for the given support. Every your positive feedback and donations gives us strength to move on, to improve and make the project better and better.

Robot design consumes much time and resources, and your words of support make our work meaningful.

The year passed was commemorated with plenty of new achievements and events:

*We had finally run the proto2 for real. There are still much room for improvement, but in whole it works and pleases you with funny videos, maybe not as often as we wanted to, but still.
*The third prototype had finally been assembled. It can’t move for now, and the construction itself will be redone and reprinted more than once, however, it is a big and very important step to reach our goal.
*During the last year our team visited several conventions, such as Ponirebrik, CZequestria, Derpfest, where we were showing our last work, were talking about further plans.
*We made this web site.
*We have attracted a few talented people in the team.

Thanks to everyone who help us approach the dawn of a new era, where people and pony robots will live in harmony and advance peace and progress with joint efforts! 🙂

We wish you happiness and luck in the upcoming New Year!